Adult Company Want to Let HoloLens Users Download Body Scans of Celebs & Pornstars

The HoloLens and other augmented reality devices could change not only the way we view porn, but the way we have sex. With the HoloLens expected to be released in the next year, it might soon be possible to not only see pornstars and naked celebrities on your own bed, but even to have sex with your partner seeing her (or him) as a famous pornstar or celeb.

Adult company SugarDVD is certainly thinking along those lines, and is looking forward to a future in which you can visit their store and download a 3D body scan of a pornstar or perhaps a famous celebrity such as Kim Kardashian.

“Where the adult industry innovates, the tech industry is quick to flourish,” Bolen said.

As we mentioned, pornography was quick to adopt technologies like VHS, DVD, and the Internet, and — surprise, surprise — people bought VHS players, DVD players, and PCs. SugarDVD thinks the same will happen for VR and AR.

And the company is already posing some serious questions about how this tech will change not only porn but also the notion of identity. Here are some things that SugarDVD is asking:

“What is a one-night stand going to look like 20 years from now?”
“What will sexting be like 10 years from now?”

The company is even posing the idea of “downloadable body scans.”

“Instead of Kim Kardashian’s photos ‘breaking the Internet,’ it could be her body
scan, for downloadable use in augmented reality,” reads the SugarDVD press release.

The possibility of sex or virtual porn involving downloaded 3D body scans using devices such as the HoloLens might even lead to pirated or hacked body scans, something which would make the recent ‘fappening‘ seem trivial in comparion – and it’s a scenario that was warned about back in 2012 in the following article :

‘Teledildonics patent used to sue six nascent cybersex companies’

A ridiculously overbroad patent issued to a ‘Warren Sandvick’ back in 2002 is being used to stymie the nacent teledildonics virtual sex industry according to reports out today. Most of the 6 companies being sued don’t even have products on the market yet, and thus with no profits have little means to defend themselves in court.

Patent trolls are so prolific these days that you don’t really need to be successful to draw lawsuits. Case in point, a recently formed California company called TZU Technologies is demanding cash from six different players in the “virtual sex” industry—which barely even exists.

TZU is using US Patent No. 6,368,268 to sue six companies working in the touch-over-Internet arena: Comingle, Holland Haptics, Vibease, Internet Service, Frixion, and Winzz.

The patent was invented by Warren Sandvick, president of a Texas company called HasSex, which has an extremely trollish website and licensed the patent several times. Filed in 1998, and granted in 2002, the patent lays broad claim to a remotely controlled sexual “stimulation system,” one version of which involved a “second user interface” located remotely from the first.

This year, Sandvick apparently sold the patent to TZU, which has bigger plans for the patent. Earlier this week, TZU filed six lawsuits.

VR Porn Predicted to be a Billion Dollar Industry by 2025

According to a report published yesterday, virtual reality porn is predicted to be a billion dollar industry within a decade :


Your eyes open to a beautiful woman, scantily clad in red lace lingerie. She bats her eyes flirtatiously, then slowly makes her way over to you.

But this is not a flesh-and-blood woman; it’s a three-dimensional performer in a 360-degree immersive video so convincing you can barely tell the difference. In virtual reality, as nowhere else, donning a pair of clunky goggles allows you to pursue your wildest sexual fantasies.

For virtual reality to become a viable business, pornography, which tends to rank among any new technology’s earliest and most eager adopters, will need to play a starring role, analysts say.

By 2025, such adult content is forecast to be a $1 billion business, the third-biggest virtual-reality sector, after videogames ($1.4 billion) and NFL-related content ($1.23 billion), according to estimates from Piper Jaffray. It’s the next “mega tech theme” in the U.S., akin to the mobile-phone industry 15 years ago, analyst Gene Munster said.

The relationship between adult film and virtual reality will likely be mutually beneficial for the top players — with pornography bolstering the sales and use of headsets, and subscriptions giving the porn industry a much-desired new revenue stream, said Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

“It could revolutionize an industry that has been stagnant for many years,” he said.

The porn industry is betting new advances in the technology can convince more people to pay for the content, since sales of traditional adult video have actually been slowing. Revenue growth among adult and pornographic websites increased at an annualized rate of just 0.3% to $3.3 billion over the five-year period ending in 2015, as the business grapples with high piracy rates and the proliferation of free sites such as PornHub that offer homemade content with few ads, according to IBISWorld Market Research.

Meanwhile, another VR porn pay site has launched – BadoinkVR promises full 360 degree VR porn movies that puts you in the middle of orgy scenes.

And the biggest porn site online – PornHub – are pushing virtual sex through a realistic ‘robotic twerking ass’ that can be synchronised with their vr porn movies :

Naughty America VR Porn Videos

Naughty America is one of the biggest porn pay sites and was one of the first to film in 4K Ultra-HD. Now they are the first major site to release Virtual Reality porn videos to subscribers. Their first video stars two well known porn actresses satisfying you in a virtual bedroom. The video comes in two versions, one for men, and one for women.


banner-2 Domain Sells for $11,000, and VR Porn IS Coming to the Oculus Rift

In a sign of how big the virtual sex industry is likely going to become, the domain name sold for over $11,000 this week. That makes it the most expensive VR domain name sale yet, beating the $10,000 figure that was paid for earlier this year.

Meanwhile, rest assured that vr porn and virtual sex ARE coming to the Oculus Rift, despite headlines this week claiming that Facebook were going to block porn from the device. Those media reports told us nothing new – VR porn apps will be prohibited from the official Oculus store, as expected, but Facebook have no intention to block vr porn played on the device straight from a PC. You can already buy vr porn videos that play on the developer kit Oculus (via your pc) at


RealDoll Makers Announce Plans to Sell Sex Bots

The makers of RealDoll, luxury sex dolls, yesterday announced that it is working on creating sex bots that they hope to start selling in the near future. The sex bots will be identical to their high-end ultra-realistic dolls, with the added feature of being able to move their faces, heads, blink and even talk.

Matt McMullen is credited with inventing the RealDoll, a life-size, customizable and completely poseable love doll presumably for lonely people with asthma. He told the New York Times he’s currently working on a more animated doll that he hopes will have more human-like movements and even audible responses — because if your sex partner is a simulated person, you’re clearly a master communicator.
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McMullen calls his project Realbotix and he’s hired a team of robotic engineers from Hanson Robotics, a company that has produced some impressive humanoid robots such as the conversational, expression-reading humanoid named Han that made its debut in April.

He’s also working on giving his new sex-bot its own artificial intelligence so it can respond to questions and statements while it’s batting its eyes or making kissy faces at its living love master.

XBIZ 2015 The Future of Sex, Porn and Technology with Brian Shuster

Get an exclusive look into CEO Brian Shuster’s keynote speech at this year’s XBIZ 360 event. He reveals the SECRETS OF THE ADULT INDUSTRY that only the people involved in the inner workings of the industry have known up until now. Find out through this informative and groundbreaking talk where porn has come from and where it is going in the future. See how porn marketers are going to find ways to get you to pay for porn.

With the advent of Virtual Reality headsets and haptic devices your future sex life is going to look a lot different than it does now!! Get plugged in and find out all the PORN INDUSTRY SECRETS people have been wanting to know for years!

Oculus Rift Porn Will Be Allowed

The founder of the Oclus Rift has quashed concerns that Facebook might attempt to block virtual porn from playing on its VR headsets. Facebook bought the company behind the Rift for billions of dollars last year, but the man who created the device and who is still in charge of developing it specifically stated that Virtual Reality Porn is coming..

Oculus VR does not intend to stop the adult entertainment industry from using its Rift virtual reality headset as a platform for virtual erotica, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey said during a panel at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference on Monday.

“The Rift is an open platform. We don’t control what software can run on it,” Luckey said in response to question about intentions to block X-rated content or apps, according to Variety. “And that’s a big deal.”

Could (Virtual) Porn Determine the Race to Commercialize Virtual Reality?

Oscar Quine of British Newspaper ‘The Independent’ asks whether the VR race will be determined by pornographers seeking to make a fortune from the coming virtual worlds…

Toby is one of a handful of people around the world engaged in a pornographic space race. The first man to the moon will be he who achieves video-quality interactive content. An immersive porn videogame, if you like, in which the character(s) of your choosing will respond to your every prompt and indulge your every fantasy. Because of technology like his, the graphics won’t just be lifelike, they will be perfect representations of the real world. And for an industry beleaguered by the explosion of free video sites, a game-changing, paid-for product like this can’t come along soon enough.

As with Apollo and Sputnik, the technology comes with a hefty price tag. In the centre of Toby’s studio stands a rig of 150 Canon 100D cameras pointed inward from every conceivable angle to a central stage. This is where he photographs the models. A set of images taken simultaneously is processed by a computer 100 times more powerful than a home PC to create a VR reproduction in intricate detail.

Toby has spent £250,000 on the set-up to date – and needs another £1-2m to trade up to video cameras. He’s confident it’s a shrewd investment. “When it hits the consumer market, it’s going to go absolutely mental,” he says, earmarking next year for the first interactive VR products. “I don’t think the public are aware of what’s going to happen.”

Oculus Rift Lets You Kiss Anime Girl

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