XBIZ 2015 The Future of Sex, Porn and Technology with Brian Shuster

Get an exclusive look into CEO Brian Shuster’s keynote speech at this year’s XBIZ 360 event. He reveals the SECRETS OF THE ADULT INDUSTRY that only the people involved in the inner workings of the industry have known up until now. Find out through this informative and groundbreaking talk where porn has come from and where it is going in the future. See how porn marketers are going to find ways to get you to pay for porn.

With the advent of Virtual Reality headsets and haptic devices your future sex life is going to look a lot different than it does now!! Get plugged in and find out all the PORN INDUSTRY SECRETS people have been wanting to know for years!

Oculus Rift Porn Will Be Allowed

The founder of the Oclus Rift has quashed concerns that Facebook might attempt to block virtual porn from playing on its VR headsets. Facebook bought the company behind the Rift for billions of dollars last year, but the man who created the device and who is still in charge of developing it specifically stated that Virtual Reality Porn is coming..

Oculus VR does not intend to stop the adult entertainment industry from using its Rift virtual reality headset as a platform for virtual erotica, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey said during a panel at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference on Monday.

“The Rift is an open platform. We don’t control what software can run on it,” Luckey said in response to question about intentions to block X-rated content or apps, according to Variety. “And that’s a big deal.”


Could (Virtual) Porn Determine the Race to Commercialize Virtual Reality?

Oscar Quine of British Newspaper ‘The Independent’ asks whether the VR race will be determined by pornographers seeking to make a fortune from the coming virtual worlds…

Toby is one of a handful of people around the world engaged in a pornographic space race. The first man to the moon will be he who achieves video-quality interactive content. An immersive porn videogame, if you like, in which the character(s) of your choosing will respond to your every prompt and indulge your every fantasy. Because of technology like his, the graphics won’t just be lifelike, they will be perfect representations of the real world. And for an industry beleaguered by the explosion of free video sites, a game-changing, paid-for product like this can’t come along soon enough.

As with Apollo and Sputnik, the technology comes with a hefty price tag. In the centre of Toby’s studio stands a rig of 150 Canon 100D cameras pointed inward from every conceivable angle to a central stage. This is where he photographs the models. A set of images taken simultaneously is processed by a computer 100 times more powerful than a home PC to create a VR reproduction in intricate detail.

Toby has spent £250,000 on the set-up to date – and needs another £1-2m to trade up to video cameras. He’s confident it’s a shrewd investment. “When it hits the consumer market, it’s going to go absolutely mental,” he says, earmarking next year for the first interactive VR products. “I don’t think the public are aware of what’s going to happen.”


Oculus Rift Lets You Kiss Anime Girl


Laura Berman On The Future of Sex

Sex therapist Laura Berman was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about the future of sex. Like most female ‘sex experts’ her focus is on the benefits future tech will bring to women, but happier and hornier women will obviously be good news for men too..and then there will be the sex bots as well..

Currently sex aids are widely available, but the future is going to hold some truly edgy products. Futurists are predicting that—in just 10 to 15 years—there will be robots that will look and feel incredibly lifelike, robots with which you can cuddle and have sex. You will be able to design your perfect mate, complete with the right voice and the artificial intelligence to whisper those sweet nothings at exactly the right time.

Virtual romantic partners like Samantha in the movie “Her” will be a reality. In fact, a new app called Invisible Boyfriend is already out, sending you loving texts like a real boyfriend might.

We will be able to have robust sexual experiences without touching. Talk about disease prevention! Imagine engaging in anything from targeted foreplay to exploring your wildest fantasies by stimulating your partner with a click of a mouse, even when you are across town or in another country.

4K Ultra-HD Teen Porn

Tiny4K.com is one of the first 4K ultra-hd porn sites, and the very first to focus exclusively upon beautiful, tight, nubile teenage girls in hardcore sex action.


The Future of Porn (Video)

Nice video presentation summarizing the treds likely to make up the near future of porn, with the stress on virtual reality porn.


Virtual Sex Game Demo for Oculus Rift

Although the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset still hasn’t been officially released (although thousands of ‘developer kits’ have been sold), a number of adult websites have already sprung up with content available to download for the device. One such is a British company called Veiviev that has put demos of its interactive porn game on to Vine. The software allows Oculus Rift users to touch the breasts of models, with the titties moving in a realistic way in response to how and where.


Virtual Reality Expected to Explode in the Next 5 Years.

Sales of virtual reality headset devices are expected to explode in the next 5 years, with up to 25 million predicted to be sold in the year 2020, and sales doubling each year until then to reach that total. The claim was made in a report published this week by Business Insider magazine.


Last year Facbook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, which earlier spent over a billion dollars acquiring the Oculus VR company, had predicted that he expects sales of the device to reach 100 million units within 10 years.

“It’s hard to predict exactly,” he said, “but I don’t think it’s going to get to 50 million or 100 million units in the next few years. That will take a few cycles of the device to get there and that’s kind of what I’m talking about.

“And then when you get to that scale, that’s when it starts to be interesting as a business in terms of developing out the ecosystem. So when I’m talking about that as a 10-year thing, its building the first set of devices and building the audience and the ecosystem around that until it eventually becomes a business.”

When Virtual Reality finally arrives, you can be sure that virtual sex and porn will quickly follow with it, if not actually drive its mainstream adoption in the manner of VHS video and even, some say, the internet. However, there might be obstacles on the path to VR Sex heaven. For example, the VR headset manufacturers may take a dim view of their devices being used for porn and may even take steps to make such use difficult, especially if the public are whipped into a moral panic with lurid tales of teenagers becoming addicted to ultra-realistic virtual worlds of smut and filth. Despite these possible problems down the road, there are already commercial porn sites catering for the Oculus Rift alone, with the device still in development and owned by Facebook, not know for its tolerance of porn (unlike its support for gore and beheading videos).

Latest Japanese Real Love Doll from Orient Industry – Ange Bihaku Koyuki

Orient Industry are the leading makers of highly realistic silicone love dolls in Japan.  Recently, they released their latest love doll – Ange Bihaku Koyuki.

Ange has been designed to look just like the perfect Japanese dream girl, even down to her skin tone.

Standing 5ft 2″ tall, and with a 22″ waist and 33″ hips, she is the perfect Asian companion in every way.  If you decide to buy Ange, you can even decide on purchase whether you want her to have large breasts (E-Cup) or small (B-Cup).  You can also choose her hair, and not just her head hair.  Yes, you can even select the colour and thickness of her pubic hair!


Ange Koyuki costs a little over $7,000 and can be shipped anywhere in the world from Japan


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