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Augmented Reality Glasses As Aid to Picking Up Women

Software platform behind augmented reality glasses including Google Glasses imagines some possible applications, including the glasses being used as an aid to picking up women :

Oculus Rift Combined With Tenga Produces Virtual Handjobs

Manufacturers of the pioneering virtual reality headset ‘Oculus Rift’ have teamed up with Japans leading male sex toy company to produce the world’s first robotic virtual reality handjobs.

The Second Law of Robotics is: A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings.

Over the weekend, a virtual sex simulator debuted in Japan, Kotaku reported. The “VR Tenga” is the product of a joint effort from adult toy company Tenga and virtual reality pioneer Oculus VR, the company behind an immersive virtual reality headset called the Oculus Rift.

“The device attaches a Novint Falcon—a grip-based, haptic controller—to a Tenga, a Japanese industrial masturbator. Used as intended, the user would insert his penis into the Tenga, which would be manipulated by the Falcon. All the while the user views on his Oculus some sort of visual stimulation synced to the movement of the hybrid Falcon/Tenga.”



Porn Company Interested in Google Glasses

Pink Visual, one of the leading adult porn production companies, has expressed interest in the possiblities of Google Glasses – the forthcoming augmented reality specs set to be released by the search engine giant.  Somewhat disappointingly, Pink Visual appear only to see a potential for shooting better ‘point-of-view’ porn with the glasses :

A pornography studio wants to make adult films using Google Glasses that can film your life from the point of view of your eyes.

Pink Visual spokesman Quentin Boyer told that the style of porn known as “point of view” has been a popular type of content for quite a while now.

“Obviously, a device that allows you to shoot high quality video in a truly hands-free fashion will make shooting POV porn that much easier.”


Augmented reality promises to revolutionise pornography, it seems odd that a representative of a porn company noted in investigating cutting edge technology of this nature can’t come up with something a little more imaginative.

One of the most exciting potential uses of augmented reality glasses such as Google’s is to blend virtual sex into real sex.  For example, such glasses when worn during love making could turn your partner into another person, or a younger version of themselves (such technology has already been used in the cinema, and will likely be able to be employed in real time).

Is Virtual Sex Destined to Become Your New BFF?

Interesting article on the latest developments and likely future of virtual sex that appeared online a couple of weeks ago.  The author is a ‘sex addiction’ expert – but don’t let that put you off.  The article is actually pretty good.

Here’s what I learn’t :

  • There is a consumer driven technological race to bring virtual sex products to market.
  • This has been led by the RealTouch – the virtual sex device that can ‘heat itself up, lubricates, pulses, and grips’.
  • Inventors are working to crate an iPad equipped with a Fleshlight holding case.
  • Futurologist Ian Pearson believes that by 2030, people will be able to wear ‘smart lenses’ that change the way their partner looks to them whilst lovemaking – without their partner even necessarily knowing!
  • Popular budget Hotel chain Travellodge announced last year that its hotels in the future will offer digitial sex along with breakfast.

You can read the entire article here

RealTouch to be Given to Military in Afghanistan

AEBN, the makers of the RealTouch virtual sex device, have switched marketing strategy during the last year.  Previously they had promoted their product as the world’s first virtual sex machine – a masturbation toy for men to use with porn instead of having real sex.  Of course, this is a hard sell.  There is something in male psychology which makes it near impossible to admit that jerking off is fun, and that you will spend $200 or more dollars to make more fun.  There is still a taboo about enjoying masturbation in it’s own right, as a choice preferred to real sex.  To the male mind, taking too much enjoyment in masturbation is akin to admitting that you ‘can’t get a girl’.  This is why the female sex toy industry dwarfs its male equivalent, even though men clearly masturbate as much as women do.

Thus over the course of 2011, AEBN switched from marketing the RealTouch as a substitute for sex, to an aid to sex.  They now market it as a penis developer and a stamina trainer, as much as a virtual sex toy.  But shortly, there is going to be a new dimension added to the RealTouch.  Not only will RealTouch users be able to use their toy in conjunction with haptic encoded porn scenes, they will be able to enjoy live virtual sex.

This will be with live females using a special RealTouch ‘input device’ rather like a dildo.  Apparently, webcam perfomers will, after all, be using these devices to offer live virtual sex with RealTouch users.  But currently, AEBN are marketing this new feature of their device as a aid to lovers who are having a long distance relationships and cannot have physical sex together.  To highlight this in the most dramatic way they have released press releases detailing their intention to offer a thousand of their sex toys to soldiers serving in Afghanistan to enable them to enjoy virtual sex with their partners back home in the USA.


LAS VEGAS—RealTouch wants to bring teledildonics to Afghanistan. Company manager Scott Rinaldo, appearing at a CES party sponsored by porn firm Pink Visual, said he’s working on distributing “a thousand dildos for the military wives”—in this case, Internet-connected sex toys that can let families thousands of miles apart get intimate.

I’m not sure if he’s being skeezy or sweet here. Let me start with the technology. RealTouch is a slightly terrifying, synthetic orifice that lives in a plastic tube and connects to a computer. Based on data from an Internet connection, the unit warms up, lubes up, pulses and grips any item stuck into it. On the other end of a connection, a “performer”—who could be a paid “cam girl,” or the aforementioned military wife—hand-operates a sensor-covered rod to run the motors in the RealTouch.,2817,2398754,00.asp

Microsoft Bring Holographic Touch Porn a Step Closer

Microsoft have been showing off their prototype ‘HoloDesk’ – a 2D projection that, thanks to Kinect face tracking, changes its position as you change yours, and thus giving the illusion of being a three dimensional hologram.  Not only that, but you can ‘touch’ it as well.  The Kinect tracks your hand movements, as well as your head, and the object is moved as though your hands are really moving it.

The tech might appear rudimentary at the moment, but other companies, such as Sony, are researching the same kind of technology.  This ‘psuedo holographic’ technology will become the first ‘holographic porn’, possibly in as little as 2 or 3 years.  Regarding the touch, the first x-rated applications will probably involve ‘stripping’ off of the clothes of pre-recorded 3D video images of porn models.  Using the kinect sensor, two-way feedback would be possible, so that the toucher also ‘feels’ himself touching something – but only if wearing some kind of gloves/suit, at least initially.

Japanese Scientists Invent Kissing Machine

Teledildonics made another primative but promising step forward this month with the announcement that Japanese scientists have invented a ‘kissing machine’ that allows you to kiss over the internet.

Judging from the video, the device currently involves only moving a straw around with your tongue, and thus making a remote straw move in the same way.  As the young Japanese scientist explains, ‘the elements of a kiss involve the sense of taste, the manner of the breathing, and the moistness of the tongue’.  Obviously the team are only taking the first steps, but it’s a start.

RealTouch to Be Sold in Sex Shops

RealTouch is soon going to be sold in bricks and mortar sex shops, as well as through other online retailers.  The move is part of a complete overhaul of the RealTouch marketing strategy, to go along with exciting new capabilities of the toy, such as using to have live virtual sex with online webcam performers.  AEBN representative said that he expects adult stores to be selling the RealTouch by the end of this month.  The world’ first virtual sex device is also going to be showcased next week at the International Lingerie Show in New York.

RealTouch to offer Live Virtual Sex

avatar sexRealTouch looked dead and finished only a few months ago, yet now they are not only back with a re-designed site, they have officially announced that their devices will soon be able to be used for live virtual sex via webcam.

According to their new ‘safe for work’ website, at some point this year, RealTouch users will be able to have sex with live ‘professional’ performers, on a face-to-face, one-on-one, basis.  You will also be able to have sex with anyone at the other end of  your webcam, so long as they have the RealTouch ‘input’ device, shaped like a dildo, that will allow these things to happen.

RealTouch also announced plans for virtual sex worlds, where RealTouch users could have sex with each other using virtual avatars.  I wonder if these could possibly make use of Kinect style face and gesture tracking technology?  If they don’t initially, they inevitably will at some point.

If all that wasn’t enough, AEBN have also released the programming of the RealTouch to outsiders by releasing a RealTouch Content Developer’s Kit (CDK) which will allow others to ‘haptic encode’ videos for use with the RealTouch.

CDK features sample code, a sample video, script files and sample executables that demonstrate how to encode video content for RealTouch in order to enhance the simulated warmth, moistness and relative motion in thousands of adult videos.

“This is part of the goal of the RealTouch team to foster the development of a community and a content standard for haptically-enhanced content and software,” said director of sales and marketing Scott Rinaldo.

He added, “We believe there is a bright future ahead for the RealTouch product line and that growing a community and making this technology available for other developers is how we’ll arrive there.”

Click to Visit the RealTouch Homepage

Breakthough Makes Holographic TV Inevitable

Two years ago a team of researchers at the University of Arizona announced a major breakthrough in holography – they had succeeded in updating a holographic image.  This was the first demonstration that moving holograms were possible.  For a holographic image to appear to move, the image has to be deleted and replaced with a new image.  Nobody had previously been able to do this before.  The Arizona team could only update their image once every 4 minutes, but it as a massive proof of concept, and the first step towards holographic tv.  (note that the live ‘holographic’ projections such as the anime singer Hatsune Miku are not true 3D holograms).

Now, two years later, the same researchers have given details of how far they have progressed towards holographic television in the last 2 years.  They have managed to massively speed up the refresh rate of each holographic image to a highly respectable once every two seconds.  Only a few more doublings until they reach the magical 30 frames per second of ordinary tv.  What’s more, they have succeeded in transmitting the image over an ethernet connection, meaning that live holographic tv (read holographic webcam performers etc)  is likely to become reality in only ‘7 -1 0 years’ according to the head of the team.

Given that there are other research teams, notably in Japan and Korea, working on their own holographic tv (or holo tv) technology, that prediction might be erring a little on the side of caution.

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