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62% of Adult Industry Believe 4K Porn Will Have No Impact

A significant majority of the adult industry believe that 4K porn will have no impact on the porn world according to a poll carried out by (the closet thing the industry has to a ‘trade body’).


While the majority of those polled were sceptical and the rest seemingly doubtful, Dominic Ford was a lonely voice proclaiming that it was ‘inevtiable’ that 4K porn would be the future. Whilst expressing familiar doubts about the expense of shooting 4K porn and the bandwidth required in downloading it, Dominic made the surely correct observation that just as consumers now expect all porn to be in HD, it will inevitably come to to pass that 4K will eventually become the new standard. Dominic Ford is one of only 3 porn sites offering 4K at the current time (and in his case only one scene).

You can read the entire XBiz research results in PDF format here.

Real Love Doll Yasuragi by Orient Industry Japan

Japanese silicone sex dolls are now becoming so realistic that (if you can afford them) they are practically a virtual replacement for the real thing – in fact, some would say, better than the real thing, for most of us anyway.

Yasuragi is the latest creation from Orient Industry, the leading manufacturer in Japan of astonishingly realistic sex doll, and employs the latest 3D modelling technology for even more realistically ideal dimensions. When you take a look at Yasuragi, it’s not difficult to see why most Japanese men are no longer interested in marriage…




Oculus Rift Porn Sites

Facebook have just paid an astonishing $2 billion for the virtual reality headset ‘Oculus Rift’.  The massive sum paid for a company that was only launched as a kickstarter project less than 2 years ago, and whose product has not been commercially released yet, shows just what potential is seen in bringing virtual reality finally into the mainstream in 2014.

The Oculus Rift team have been very virtual sex friendly thus far, even teaming up with Japanese sex toy manufacturer Tenga to produce the world’s first virtual handjobs :

It’s not certain whether this will remain the case now that Oculus Rift is part of the Zuckerberg empire, but nonetheless there are already porn sites devoted to 3D porn scenes and games that can be viewed or played on the vr headset (the Oculus Rift is available to buy for ‘developers’).

For example, Oculus Real Porn has a number of 3D stereo POV sex scenes that apparently have ‘head tracking support’ to enable you to feel that you are really part of the sex scene.  You can visit the site by clicking the banner below.


The Oculus Rift looks set to revolutionise both porn and virtual sex. What’s more, both Sony and Microsoft are believed to be launching their own virtual reality headsets this year too. 2014 looks certain to be the year that virtual reality sex is born.

Naughty America Now in 4K Ultra HD! How Good Will 4K Porn Be?

Naughty America – one of the most popular porn pay sites in the world – is now shooting scenes in 4K ultra HD. A membership gets you access to all of their thousands of porn scenes spread around dozens of sites, as well of course as exclusive access to all of their 4K porn movies :


How good will 4K porn be?  4K has around 4 times as many pixels as full 1080p HD.  The experience of watching a 4K tv has been compared to looking out of a window.  Tight nubile naked bodies on a big screen 4K television looks practically like the real thing fucking in front of your eyes.  4K tv even creates a 3D effect that is comparable, and arguably more subtle and realistic as a 3DTV, as near life-like 4K resolution tricks the eye into thinking that the objects on the screen are real.

Here is a diagram that illustrates the difference between ultra HD 4K and standard 1080p high definition :


We’ve come along way from VHS porn, haven’t we?  4K porn promises to be better even than 3D porn, but 4K tv’s are exciting too in that they will actually enable glasses free 3D porn in 1080p HD.  4K tvs are still generally expensive, but recalling how quickly 3D tvs fell in price, here’s hoping that we could see the first truly affordable 4K sets arrive this year.

There is already a free blog devoted to 4K porn.  Visit and bookmark for all the latest news on 4K porn and the best free sex movie previews.

RealTouch Discontinued – Hopes for Virtual Sex Lie with ‘KIIRO’

Sad news for fans of virtual sex and the RealTouch – AEBN announced at the start of the year that they are no longer selling the device. For the time being at least, existing RealTouch users will be able to continue using the device through the RealTouch website.


RealTouch was a brave venture that appears to have failed – the world’s first real attempt to turn virtual sex into a reality. Initially, users of the virtual sex machine were hooked up to synchronised porn movie scenes, but last year the company began offering customers live interactive sex using the device. For the first time in human history, two people could have sex with each other despite being physically remote.

RealTouch may be dead, but it’s only a matter of time before virtual sex is a reality. Already another company is pledging to fill the shoes that RealTouch occupied. They are also taking a more ‘social’ approach. Rather than virtual sex with pornstars, the people behind KIIRO want to build a kind of virtual sex network where men and women can meet to have sex online. The virtual sex is achieved through means very similar to the RealTouch live interactive devices, with a male masturbator synchronising with a dildo type device used by the female. However, both of these devices appear to be simpler and more streamlined than the clumsy and bulky RealTouch devices.

The Fleshlight resembling device for men is named the SVir, while the ladie’s dildo is called OPue.

Unfortunately, at the present time at least, the female device can’t actually recive stimulation from the male device – the virtual contact is one way. This is rather surprising as the ‘social network’ emphasis of KIIRO appears to be marketed towards women as much as men. Hopefuly, these new virtual sex toys will be more successful than the RealTouch, and the next generation will enable real mutual live sex for both the man and the female.



First Google Glasses Sex Application Revealed

Months before Google Glasses goes on sale to the general public, the first sex application for the augmented reality specs has been revealed.
‘Sex with Glass’ has been developed by a London student of design, and promises to allow lovers wearing the glasses to see themselves from their partner’s point of view.

Maktabi, a Lebanese product design student at London’s Central Saint Martins art college, had only one day with the smart-glasses at a hackathon held in November 2013, but development has continued in the months since then.

The cornerstone of Sex with Glass is the shared live streaming: “See what your partner can see… Just say ‘OK glass, it’s time’ and Glass will stream what you see to each other. And if you feel like stopping everything, just ask: ‘OK glass, pull out’.”

“Some people find what we do repulsive,” Maktabi says. “But a lot of other people – and I am basing this from the emails we are getting online – really desire to try this. People have fantasies, desires and needs. It’s personal.

“What they do with that is up to them. Guilt, dogma and shame is something we still widely experience when it comes to sex and how we talk about it.”


This application appears to scratch the surface of the possiblities for augmented reality glasses for sex. Other possible uses include :

  • Turning your lover into a fantasy figure, a celebrity, a famous porn actress, or simply an improved or younger version of themselves.
  • A virtual/telepresence sex aid. Two people could have virtual sex with each other wearing these glasses seperated by thousands of miles. Each could have sex at the same time with a doll with each other’s features superimposed upon the dolls (wich in turn would have to have a webcam or lens recording in real time). Or instead of dolls, a virtual sex toy such as the RealTouch, or something in the manner of the ‘Occulus Rift handjob‘ application reported upon last year.
  • Couples could ‘trade places’ with other couples wearing the glasses while having sex at the same time, although physically seperated.
  • First 6K Porn Movie – Watch Teaser On YouTube in 4K!

    If 4K ultra high-definition porn isn’t enough for you, then how about 6k porn? 6K resolution is no less than 10 times finer than ordinary 1080p HD. No commercial screens exist on the market as yet for 6K, and to my knowledge only one 6K camera is available. That hasn’t stopped, the world’s first 4K porn site, from shooting the world’s first 6K porn movie. You can watch a trailer of the movie in mere 4K on YouTube below (if you have a 4k TV!).

    Dominic Ford Shoots First 4K Gay Porn AND Gay Google Glasses Porn!

    Dominic Ford led the way with iPad gay porn, then became the first (and only) producer of gay 3D stereo porn. Now he’s blazing a trail with 4K gay porn, shooting the first ever ultra-hd gay sex scenes : (links to hardcore gay porn screenshot/movie)

    But he hasn’t stopped there. He’s also made the first Google glasses gay porn movie, or probably the first google glasses porn of any kind. As Google Glasses are still not on sale to the general public, presumably Google gave Dominic permission to have the honour of shooting the very first Google Glasses porn video. The video shows the action from recording taken by the Google Glasses.

    Of course, the real fun is to be had with the augmented reality porn possiblities with Google Glasses. One likelihood is augmented reality that allows the person you are having sex with to be turned into somebody else, or a younger version of themselves. Closet homosexuals could even fuck their wives while viewing them as men through Google Glasses!

    Augmented Reality Glasses As Aid to Picking Up Women

    Software platform behind augmented reality glasses including Google Glasses imagines some possible applications, including the glasses being used as an aid to picking up women :

    Oculus Rift Combined With Tenga Produces Virtual Handjobs

    Manufacturers of the pioneering virtual reality headset ‘Oculus Rift’ have teamed up with Japans leading male sex toy company to produce the world’s first robotic virtual reality handjobs.

    The Second Law of Robotics is: A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings.

    Over the weekend, a virtual sex simulator debuted in Japan, Kotaku reported. The “VR Tenga” is the product of a joint effort from adult toy company Tenga and virtual reality pioneer Oculus VR, the company behind an immersive virtual reality headset called the Oculus Rift.

    “The device attaches a Novint Falcon—a grip-based, haptic controller—to a Tenga, a Japanese industrial masturbator. Used as intended, the user would insert his penis into the Tenga, which would be manipulated by the Falcon. All the while the user views on his Oculus some sort of visual stimulation synced to the movement of the hybrid Falcon/Tenga.”



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