RealTouch Reviews

RealTouch, the revolutionary virtual sex toy from AEBN, has finally been released after months of anticipation.  Has it lived up to expectations and will it transform the adult entertainment industry and mark the true dawn of Virtual Sex?  Here are samples taken from a few reviews of the RealTouch that have appeared around the net from its first purchasers. 

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SOA7 wanted to make clear that he has a girlfriend and an active sex life, but after using the RealTouch for the first time, he was getting an erection every time he thought about his laptop :

For two belts this thing does a LOT and there was no delay so it was timed with the video perfectly. All the acts had their own feeling and it was close enough for me to how it would really feel. When the action speeds up so does the machine and when it slows down the teasing begins. I fired off a good round and can’t wait to go back for seconds.


‘JohnDoe’, who describes himself as an ‘experienced sex toy user’ gave his marks out of five for various aspects of his experience with the RealTouch:

Purchase Experience: 3 out of 5 stars
Realism: 3.5 out of 5 Stars
Uniqueness: 5 out of 5 Stars
Enjoyability: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Setup: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Cleanup: 3 out of 5 stars
Value: 4 out of 5 stars

‘First44’ says that he is normally ‘pretty critical’ of the sex toys he has bought.  But he was clearly blown away by his very first experience of virtual sex:

Within about 2 minutes, this machine had me ready to shoot. As I watched the scene it absolutely kept cadence with the video. Blow job to various fuck positions. I wish I could say that I shot when they did, but I’d be lying. I lasted about 5 minutes. That’s it. And I am a total jack off expert… It’s worth the high price just for the total lack of control that I had over what my body was doing. OHMIGOD!!

‘Semejarab’ found his initial experience of RealTouch dissapointing, encountering some buffer problems with the synchronised videos.  However, after a few technical adjustments to his media player, he came back for a second try :

it was a TOTALLY different experience here. This time I probably could have stopped at 3 minutes, but found myself pausing and taking breaks so I could continue the most amazing double blow job of my life. I probably would have blown the back out of that bitch if the plastic shell was not so strong. I ended up using it 4 times that night, just b/c I could not put it away. Pro-tip here. Buy minutes in bulk. I got 200 minutes for $90 instead. When you are 1/2 way there and you run out of minutes, the odds are you will pay ANYTHING for it to keep going.

‘Shunt1’ related how disability to both himself and his wife left them unable to have meaningful sex lives.  Well, thanks to the RealTouch, it seems at least for himself, sexy days are here again : ‘this is a fantastic product and I have been amazed and thrilled with it!’

He makes the intriguing suggestion to the makers of RealTouch, that they should sell the software needed to haptic encode (synchronise the RealTouch with the video).  Shunt1 has a video tape of him and his wife making love over twenty years ago when both were fit and healthy. He pleads

‘We could both watch these old videos, while physically feeling what it felt like back then.  Can you make this wish come true?


boopy55 thinks the RealTouch is ‘the best sex toy ever’.  He particularly liked the lube feature which replicates the moisture and even orgasm of a female pussy :

well after the video started was still waiting for any action so i minimised the screen then brought it back up thats when the machine started up. WOW did it feel good. at first i couldnt tell if the luber thingy was working but then it got to a part where the girl came and i heard a buzzing sound and felt a cold wetness and DAMN DIT IT FELL GOOD. the cool wetness of the lube wetting you up is unbeatable. i love the randomness of that happening.


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