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Is your TV ready…for stereoscopic 3D porn?

 Seems only a couple of years ago, that we all had to get used to the concept of HD ready televisions.  Well virtual sex fans, those of you who are planning on buying a large screen any time soon might well be advised to check wether your prospective purchase is 3D ready.  Yes, quite soon, via clever stereoscopic depth illusion technology, we will be experiencing sport, movies, wildlife documentaries…and adult entertainment, as though we were in the scenes themselves, rather than simply watching them on a box.  3D computer monitors have also started to appear on the market.

Japanese Idol in 3D

Japanese Idol in 3D


As with most cutting edge media technology these days, seems it is Japanese hi-tech ability to satisfy man’s innate love of sex and porn that is driving things forward.  Already there is a Japanese site devoted to stereoscopic 3D porn (and yes, plenty of pretty girls in school uniforms and maid’s outfits there to leap right out of the screen at you!).

However, American companies aren’t lagging far behind, similarly driven by the consumer’s desire for large female breasts to be dangling in front of their faces.   In fact makers of the  ‘Glacier Iceberg 3D entertainment system’ claim their product will not only play the new 3D movies, but will convert your entire existing DVD collection into a 3D experience :

..slip on the 3D glasses, and enjoy…the porn industry is going nuts for it right now… that’s traditionally where all the innovation is – multi-angle DVDs came about due to porn, after all.

Once film makers get the hang of it, feet will be hanging out of the screen and you’ll be dodging the moneyshot

Adult4d.com appears to be the first (and at present only) American website featuring stereoscopic porn. I expect it to be a very different story in a years time or two.

Unsuprisingly, the religous nuts are already appearing in force, claiming that 3D porn will herald the breakdown of society.   Take the following example quoted from the blog of a ‘3D photography expert’ who claims that rape and child abuse will increase by 1000% if the adult entertainment industry is allowed access to the new technology :

 I urge legislators and Internet regulators become aware of the potential devastating effects that 3D porn will have on society and can put a stop to its distribution before it becomes too late, and if they don’t, take the existing sex crime rates and multiply them by over 10-folds, not to mention higher increased rates in every negative behavior attributed to pornography addiction.  Law-makers have already turned a blind eye to 2D porn, soon the porn industry is going to realize the financial benefits of turning to 3D, and I so hope this time law-makers don’t turn “two” blind eyes and put a stop to 3D porn before it takes off.

 Of course, what the religious nut really means is that ever more guys will substitute jerking off to porn that will become increasingly realistic for having real relationships,  marrying, and producing good Christian children.  In fact, surely we should be pouring money into 3d-porn, haptic technology, and virtual sex, as a means of reducing rape and abuse.  If such crimes are largely the result of dysfunctional people having sexual desires that cannot be met, virtual sex and porn that is indistinguishable from the real thing will surely reduce crime in the real world.

Both 3D televisions and 3D monitors require the viewer to wear special stereoscopic spectacles in order to experience the illusion of depth.  However, Sony have already created a 360 degree 3D display that requires no goggles and can be viewed at any angle.  A spokesman for Sony claimed that the prototype, currently on display in Tokyo, is not yet being commercialised, stating that only when a successful marketing application is found will the investment be pumped into it….readers of Virtual Sex Touch might have a few suggestions for him…

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