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Breakthough Makes Holographic TV Inevitable

Two years ago a team of researchers at the University of Arizona announced a major breakthrough in holography – they had succeeded in updating a holographic image.  This was the first demonstration that moving holograms were possible.  For a holographic image to appear to move, the image has to be deleted and replaced with a new image.  Nobody had previously been able to do this before.  The Arizona team could only update their image once every 4 minutes, but it as a massive proof of concept, and the first step towards holographic tv.  (note that the live ‘holographic’ projections such as the anime singer Hatsune Miku are not true 3D holograms).

Now, two years later, the same researchers have given details of how far they have progressed towards holographic television in the last 2 years.  They have managed to massively speed up the refresh rate of each holographic image to a highly respectable once every two seconds.  Only a few more doublings until they reach the magical 30 frames per second of ordinary tv.  What’s more, they have succeeded in transmitting the image over an ethernet connection, meaning that live holographic tv (read holographic webcam performers etc)  is likely to become reality in only ‘7 -1 0 years’ according to the head of the team.

Given that there are other research teams, notably in Japan and Korea, working on their own holographic tv (or holo tv) technology, that prediction might be erring a little on the side of caution.

Virtual Reality Touch Porn In Development

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have long been at the forefront of developing virtual reality.  They’ve already constructed the world’s first 3D virtual reality environment where visitors can walk around strands of DNA or fly through solar systems.  Lately, it seems that they’ve been working on something even more exciting – 3D holograms that you can actually touch!

The University of California, San Diego is working on a project called Heads-Up Virtual Reality (HUVR) that literally simulates the sensation of reaching out to a 3D projection of an image and being able to touch and feel it.

The key piece of technology is a special touch sensor that emits feedback to the user’s hand and is able to manipulate it into feeling like the actual object that is being displayed. The 3D images themselves, though, can be projected on something as ordinary as a Samsung 3D TV.

Read full article : http://www.tgdaily.com/trendwatch-brief/50720-new-technology-allows-users-to-literally-feel-3d-images

Even a semi-realistic sensation of being able to touch 3D porn girls would be intense.  Speaking as a non-scientist, it seems to me that replicating the touch of human skin, aka a naked female body, would be one of the easiest things for this new technology to perfect (and it probably will be the first).  And once the formula is mastered, just like CyberSkin, it could easily be reproduced for all manner of virtual sex porn and toys.  Equally, this illusion of touch should easily be transformable into a two way process.  You touch, she feels (and vice versa).  This will be RealTouch V3.0.  Another reason to Buy Your RealTouch now and support the Virtual Sex revolution.

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