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Microsoft Bring Holographic Touch Porn a Step Closer

Microsoft have been showing off their prototype ‘HoloDesk’ – a 2D projection that, thanks to Kinect face tracking, changes its position as you change yours, and thus giving the illusion of being a three dimensional hologram.  Not only that, but you can ‘touch’ it as well.  The Kinect tracks your hand movements, as well as your head, and the object is moved as though your hands are really moving it.

The tech might appear rudimentary at the moment, but other companies, such as Sony, are researching the same kind of technology.  This ‘psuedo holographic’ technology will become the first ‘holographic porn’, possibly in as little as 2 or 3 years.  Regarding the touch, the first x-rated applications will probably involve ‘stripping’ off of the clothes of pre-recorded 3D video images of porn models.  Using the kinect sensor, two-way feedback would be possible, so that the toucher also ‘feels’ himself touching something – but only if wearing some kind of gloves/suit, at least initially.

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