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Virtual sex with Sarah Palin?

Apparently the fantasy of a certain kind of man, a million Republican wet dreams can now become reality with the news that Sarah Palin’s pornstar lookalike ‘Lisa Ann’ has been signed up to Real Touch.  Lisa Ann/Sarah Palin is clearly excited about playing a leading role in the new virtual sex industry :

“Some media have written that the realistic sexual pleasure provided by RealTouch might mean the end of mankind but I don’t,” said the actress and entrepreneur, “unless it learns to cook. What it will do is give me and other actresses the chance to reach out and touch our fans in a way they’ve never experienced before.”

Sarah Palin lookalike Lisa Ann signed by RealTouch

Real Touch starts shipping

Real Touch, the much anticipated virtual sex toy from AEBN, has begun shipping to customers, although not yet on sale to the general public. Initial reviews have been generally good, with certain caveats. The RealTouch is praised for providing a realistic virtual sex experience but there have been a few teething problems reported such as lube leaking and the general noise of the machine. On the whole though, it does look like RealTouch is going to represent the birth of the virtual sex industry. So long as this first version of the RealTouch is profitable, then we will likely see rapid advances made in the next (as well as its inevitable competitors). Read more at Real Touch Reviews.

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