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RealTouch pricing changed

New RealTouch OptionsMakers of RealTouch, the world’s first virtual reality sex machine, have officially confirmed that new purchasing options for use of their sex toy will be introduced in May.  No longer will you have to pay every time to use the device.  From next month, you will be able to rent videos for 1 week unlimited use or even purchase them for life.  Another interesting option is buying ‘tracks’ which are a scripted range of motions for the RealTouch without sound or video.  Those of you with good imaginations will love that one.

RealTouch Video Pricing to Change?

A lot of people had been complaining about the RealTouch VOD pricing model.  Presently you have to pay for extra minutes of streaming video on demand to have virtual sex using the RealTouch (the RealTouch comes with 60 minutes free when you buy it).  A number of people suggested that this would lead to them constantly looking at the clock whilst trying to cum inside the virtual pussy of Bree Olson or Jenna Haze.  For many, this would even disuade them from purchasing the RealTouch or from using it regularly.

Well it seems that these complaints have been heard, as there are well founded rumours that AEBN will soon be introducing alternative pricing models, ranging from a very low monthly subscription to use the RealTouch without video or the possibility of actually buying video clips to use as many times as required with the RealTouch.

 Ownership- set price per clip and you get to own the clip for as long as you want (the only issue being if a studio has to pull it down for legal/contract reasons). You couldn’t download the file and store it locally but to view the clip it would only cost you one price, and then you could watch it as much as you want.

Rental- Keep the clip and watch it as much as you want for a week at a time…if you don’t feel like spending the money to “buy” a clip.

Pay Per Minute- This model would still be there, so you could buy a package and watch when you want, or be able to “sample” a whole clip in order to buy it.

Membership- How about paying a monthly fee to get “tracks” with no video just making the device work and can be played as much as you want? Again this would require a internet connection, but the membership fee would be low (10$ range?) and it would be unlimited.

In the meantime, you have nothing to lose by buying your RealTouch now, as you currently get a good 60 minutes free video use to start you off.

Click to buy the RealTouch from AEBN now.

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