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Mojowijo – Teledildonics for your Nintendo Wii

MojowijoA Nintendo Wii accessory that promises to bring teledildonics to the masses is currently in beta testing.  The Mojowijo device only needs a Wii remote controller to work via bluetooth, sending the vibration signals to another Wii device (the Mojowijo vibrator or ‘Wiibrator’) in the same room or across the internet via skype.

This wont be the first teledildonics virtual sex toy on the market – a couple of others have appeared over the last years, with not a great deal of success.  In fact, you could argue that this isn’t much different to the growing number of remote vibrating love eggs and vibrators currently on sale to couples.  The Mojowijo is highly promising, however, in that it makes use of such a popular medium (the Wii) and could become a kind of teledildonics ‘standard’ – possibly being picked up on by adult chat sites and webcam performers. Perhaps AEBN could allow a Mojowijo Wii accessory for their RealTouch device?

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