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The Erotic Engine : How Porn Powers Innovation

The Erotic Engine

Porn doesn’t get the credit it deserves for pushing technological innovation, according to a highly interesting new book by Patchen Barss.  Actually, although there is no doubt porn does deserve credit for it’s role in innovation, the fact that it has done so has almost become a cultural meme in the last year or so, in relation to debate on 3D TVs and the continual claims that 3D porn could be the engine that drives it into mass acceptance.

It’s still welcome, though, to have this constructive role that porn has played spelled out in a lengthy, structured, and researched way.  I haven’t read the book yet, but ‘The Erotic Engine’ has already garnered some mainstream press interest, generally positive – leaving aside inevitable judgemental moral tones.

Barss takes the view that the current ‘porn recession’, with the adult industry dying on it’s feet through piracy and amateur content, will simply stimulate further innovation.  He points to the developments in teledildonics as the obvious example of this.  Hopefully he’s right, and the recent problems with (and the disappearance of ) the RealTouch are no more than teething troubles.

Porn’s Recession Boosts Web Innovation

Amazon.com : The Erotic Engine (Patchen Barss) – How Pornography has Powered Everything from Gutenberg to Google

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