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Is Virtual Sex Destined to Become Your New BFF?

Interesting article on the latest developments and likely future of virtual sex that appeared online a couple of weeks ago.  The author is a ‘sex addiction’ expert – but don’t let that put you off.  The article is actually pretty good.

Here’s what I learn’t :

  • There is a consumer driven technological race to bring virtual sex products to market.
  • This has been led by the RealTouch – the virtual sex device that can ‘heat itself up, lubricates, pulses, and grips’.
  • Inventors are working to crate an iPad equipped with a Fleshlight holding case.
  • Futurologist Ian Pearson believes that by 2030, people will be able to wear ‘smart lenses’ that change the way their partner looks to them whilst lovemaking – without their partner even necessarily knowing!
  • Popular budget Hotel chain Travellodge announced last year that its hotels in the future will offer digitial sex along with breakfast.

You can read the entire article here

Japanese Scientists Invent Kissing Machine

Teledildonics made another primative but promising step forward this month with the announcement that Japanese scientists have invented a ‘kissing machine’ that allows you to kiss over the internet.

Judging from the video, the device currently involves only moving a straw around with your tongue, and thus making a remote straw move in the same way.  As the young Japanese scientist explains, ‘the elements of a kiss involve the sense of taste, the manner of the breathing, and the moistness of the tongue’.  Obviously the team are only taking the first steps, but it’s a start.

Virtual Reality Touch Porn In Development

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have long been at the forefront of developing virtual reality.  They’ve already constructed the world’s first 3D virtual reality environment where visitors can walk around strands of DNA or fly through solar systems.  Lately, it seems that they’ve been working on something even more exciting – 3D holograms that you can actually touch!

The University of California, San Diego is working on a project called Heads-Up Virtual Reality (HUVR) that literally simulates the sensation of reaching out to a 3D projection of an image and being able to touch and feel it.

The key piece of technology is a special touch sensor that emits feedback to the user’s hand and is able to manipulate it into feeling like the actual object that is being displayed. The 3D images themselves, though, can be projected on something as ordinary as a Samsung 3D TV.

Read full article : http://www.tgdaily.com/trendwatch-brief/50720-new-technology-allows-users-to-literally-feel-3d-images

Even a semi-realistic sensation of being able to touch 3D porn girls would be intense.  Speaking as a non-scientist, it seems to me that replicating the touch of human skin, aka a naked female body, would be one of the easiest things for this new technology to perfect (and it probably will be the first).  And once the formula is mastered, just like CyberSkin, it could easily be reproduced for all manner of virtual sex porn and toys.  Equally, this illusion of touch should easily be transformable into a two way process.  You touch, she feels (and vice versa).  This will be RealTouch V3.0.  Another reason to Buy Your RealTouch now and support the Virtual Sex revolution.

Virtual sex a dose of reality?

Interesting article I caught from the Sydney Morning Herald.   The author claims that fears of a virtual online world taking over from the real are overblown, and evidence from the latest web 2.0 sites such as Twitter suggests that people are becoming less anonymous and impersonal than in the earlier days of the web.

The author seems to think this is a very good thing – particularly in the context of advances in virtual sex, which clearly he, as well as many others, feel could sacrifice and depersonalize the ultimate act of intimacy.

What all this adds up to is a heartening re-affirmation that what makes us human will always take primacy over the world of machines.We cannot escape the consequences and benefits of our humanity simply by “going virtual” and neither should we be able to. Teleconferencing, cybersex and Facebook “friends” will only ever be a simulacrum of the real thing, no matter how sophisticated the technology becomes.

A good thing? I think so.

Eric White, inventor of an early virtual sex machine, makes an interesting point in the comments section below the article.  Virtual sex, he says, will allow the masses to enjoy experiences they would never have previously been able to enjoy.  I agree.   We’re probably less than a decade away from being able to log on at anytime to have LIVE virtual sex with a beautiful porn actress. And it’s the duty of everybody in the virtual sex community to present these revolutionary developments, that will no doubt be bitterly opposed by certain groups,  in the most positive light possible.

New virtual sex category set up at reddit

Reddit is a social bookmaking site that allows you to read the latest relevant online articles and links in subjects that you are interested in.  I’ve just set up a virtual sex category so please bookmark and if you are a reddit member (it takes 5 seconds to join) please add it to your front page and feel free to submit relevant links.

Is Second Life All Virtual Sex?

For many, Second Life still represents the closest thing to virtual sex on the web.  But has Second Life become nothing more than virtual sex?  An interesting debate has been ignited regarding claims that Second Life, often seen as a genuine alternative reality in which virtual economies were making real millionaires, has ‘declined’ into nothing more than a place to get some dirty virtual fun.

Barry Collins of PC Pro magazine initiated the debate by asking  ‘Whatever happened to Second Life?’ and after wandering around deserted virtual streets and shopping malls began to realise that everybody was busy visiting the newly opened ‘Red Light District’ of Second Life, ironically introduced in an effort to improve its image.

A little research soon reveals why Second Life seems a lot quieter than the numbers suggest. In June, the company opened Zindra – Second Life’s “adult continent”, a huge plot of the virtual universe dedicated to content rated as “mature”, “adult” or even “PG”.

Given that sex and gambling accounted for the majority of the “most popular places” when I first visited, it was suddenly apparent why I was as lonely as a cloud in the parts of the Second Life universe that wouldn’t upset the clergy.

So why did Linden establish its very own red-light district? It seems the company decided it was time to clean up its act…

In an act of fairness, PC Pro gave Second Life CEO Mark  Kingdon a chance to reply to the accusations, which you can read in full at : Lindon Lab boss : sex isn’t the key to second life

“In a major city there might be a place where you find adult entertainment but it might be in a specially zoned area. We’ve used that principle to reorganise Second Life.

“About 6% of the regions in Second Life are zoned ‘adult’,” he added. “And we’ve looked at adult very extensively over the last year, through many different lenses… and we’ve found it a very average in terms of the prevalence of adult content.

“There are certain things Second Life gets tagged with and that’s one of them. When you look at the facts, it’s actually quite different.”

Scott Coffman on the revolutionary aspects of RealTouch

In a recent press release, AEBN founder Scott Coffman spoke a little on what he sees as the revolutionary aspects of his company’s virtual sex device – the RealTouch.

RealTouch combines a proprietary haptic device with specially encoded online video that integrates sight, sound and touch to create a uniquely immersive experience.“While Hollywood is still trying to perfect 3-D with movies like Avatar, we’ve leapfrogged that by delivering the sensory dimension of touch. RealTouch is the first device that can let a man actually feel and experience the action he’s watching in a video.” Plus, he says, RealTouch is a revolutionary consumer product that not so much ends piracy as it renders it irrelevant.

How does RealTouch combat piracy? Simple says Coffman, “You can pirate the movie but you can’t pirate the experience. It would be like trying to steal a roller coaster.”

Click to order the RealTouch virtual sex device here

Can the science of Avatar lead to virtual sex?

One of the many successful elements of the film Avatar was the idea that a crippled, wheelchair bound marine, could live another life in a completely alien ‘avatar’ body – in fact a body more athletic and powerful than any able-bodied human.  In the film, this is done through controlling his avatar body through the brain signals of his original, disabled body.  Could this technology one day be realised, and could it lead to the ultimate forms of virtual sex?

An article appeared today on CNN asking only the first question, although I’m sure many of its male readers, at least, were led to ask the second question themselves.  According to the article, the vision of Avatar is far-sighted, if not far-fetched.  A neurology professor is quoted as saying that “the biggest challenges will be emotion and thought -how to make another organism think what you think, to feel what you feel”.  Another points out that we have little understanding of how consciousness is formed in our own bodies, let alone how to induced it in others.

These arguments, although valid (and I’m in no way scientifically qualified to dispute them) seem to me to miss the point.  Nobody is surely talking about actually projecting ones actual consciousness into another body.  It will appear to the ‘owner’ of the avatar that he really is in that substitute body, but this is, at least in some sense, an illusion created by the fact that his sensory inputs and outputs have been wired up to his new body. If the avatar is destroyed, the owner is unharmed, however if HIS brain was killed, the avatar could have no consciousness.

There seems to me no philosophical objection to the possibility of avatar bodies.  In fact, such things seem to be an inevitable future progression of teleprescence and haptic technology that is already being developed today (some of which is described in the CNN article).  Eventually, we will be having sex with each other using substitute ‘avatar’ bodies.

The other interesting thing about Avatar in relation to virtual sex is the apparant manner in which the avatars are ‘grown’.  In other words the Avatars are actual organic bodies that have either been cloned or produced using stem cell technology. 

The use of stem cell technology for virtual sex is something that has interested me for sometime. The commonplace use of such technology to clone or to generate new organs appears to be just around the corner.  How long will it be, I wonder, before the highly realistic private parts, as well as the skin, hair, and eyes, of high-end sex dolls will be the actual organic clones of famous pornstars? Fucking the Fleshlight vagina of Lupe Fuentes would take on a whole new meaning if it was the actual physical clone of her pussy, rather than just modelled upon it.  It’s certainly likely that ‘Roxxy’ not withstanding, the first genuine artificially intelligent sex ‘robots’ will largely be composed of organic metal.

The Sun looks at Sex Toy trends of 2010 and beyond

The biggest selling newspaper in England – The Sun – takes a look ahead to the future of sex toys next year and beyond.


Virtual sex is right around the corner with toys such as the Real Touch (realtouch.com) already causing a sexual stir.

High-tech toys will plug guys straight into their X-rated DVDs, so what they watch on the screen will happen to them on their sofa via hands-free pleasure kit.


Mobile phones are set to do much more than ring your bell! From location based dating applications to custom-designed sex toys (such as VibraExciter), mobile phones are a sex essential for the new decade.


The move towards green sex toys will pick up pace, with wood, metal, steel and even porcelain taking the place of rubber.

Batteries are also on their way out, with more rechargeable and battery-free toys hitting the market (like Earth Angel and USB charged toys like the Luminia).


Couples will get wired for sex.

Load up free video chat software Skype and a new Internet-control vibe and you can pleasure and see your partner no matter how far apart you are.

Researchers find the perfect face

Angelina Jolie failed the ratio test

Angelina Jolie failed the ratio test

Or not as the case may be.  Scientists at the university of Toronto claim that they have pinpointed exactly why some female faces are more attractive than others – the distance between the eyes, nose and mouth must be a specific ratio.  They also found that the perfect ratio happened to be the average ratio for women in general.

I’m a little wary at attempts to discover the perfect algorithm for female beauty.  Sure, as a virtual sex fan I recognise that if sex appeal can be analysed into mathematical ratios would make computer generated babes a lot easier to programme.  However, I suspect there is a little more to it than a simple magic formula.  Previous attempts to average out the facial dimensions of beautiful models in order to create the ‘ultimate composite babe’ have been made, and the results are invariably bland, if not ‘uncanny’.

In this case, the supposed perfect ratios mean that Angelina Jolie shouldn’t be attractive to men – surely counting as a black swan for this particular rule of beauty.  I rather suspect that female beauty might be a lot more complex and variable, and that there may by thousands of very different ‘perfect beauties’.  (and no, I’m not talking about fat chicks being beautiful too, just that I neither want or expect to spend my entire virtual sex life banging the same identical computer generated ‘perfect’ beauty!)

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