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RealTouch Discontinued – Hopes for Virtual Sex Lie with ‘KIIRO’

Sad news for fans of virtual sex and the RealTouch – AEBN announced at the start of the year that they are no longer selling the device. For the time being at least, existing RealTouch users will be able to continue using the device through the RealTouch website.


RealTouch was a brave venture that appears to have failed – the world’s first real attempt to turn virtual sex into a reality. Initially, users of the virtual sex machine were hooked up to synchronised porn movie scenes, but last year the company began offering customers live interactive sex using the device. For the first time in human history, two people could have sex with each other despite being physically remote.

RealTouch may be dead, but it’s only a matter of time before virtual sex is a reality. Already another company is pledging to fill the shoes that RealTouch occupied. They are also taking a more ‘social’ approach. Rather than virtual sex with pornstars, the people behind KIIRO want to build a kind of virtual sex network where men and women can meet to have sex online. The virtual sex is achieved through means very similar to the RealTouch live interactive devices, with a male masturbator synchronising with a dildo type device used by the female. However, both of these devices appear to be simpler and more streamlined than the clumsy and bulky RealTouch devices.

The Fleshlight resembling device for men is named the SVir, while the ladie’s dildo is called OPue.

Unfortunately, at the present time at least, the female device can’t actually recive stimulation from the male device – the virtual contact is one way. This is rather surprising as the ‘social network’ emphasis of KIIRO appears to be marketed towards women as much as men. Hopefuly, these new virtual sex toys will be more successful than the RealTouch, and the next generation will enable real mutual live sex for both the man and the female.



Oculus Rift Combined With Tenga Produces Virtual Handjobs

Manufacturers of the pioneering virtual reality headset ‘Oculus Rift’ have teamed up with Japans leading male sex toy company to produce the world’s first robotic virtual reality handjobs.

The Second Law of Robotics is: A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings.

Over the weekend, a virtual sex simulator debuted in Japan, Kotaku reported. The “VR Tenga” is the product of a joint effort from adult toy company Tenga and virtual reality pioneer Oculus VR, the company behind an immersive virtual reality headset called the Oculus Rift.

“The device attaches a Novint Falcon—a grip-based, haptic controller—to a Tenga, a Japanese industrial masturbator. Used as intended, the user would insert his penis into the Tenga, which would be manipulated by the Falcon. All the while the user views on his Oculus some sort of visual stimulation synced to the movement of the hybrid Falcon/Tenga.”



RealTouch to Be Sold in Sex Shops

RealTouch is soon going to be sold in bricks and mortar sex shops, as well as through other online retailers.  The move is part of a complete overhaul of the RealTouch marketing strategy, to go along with exciting new capabilities of the toy, such as using to have live virtual sex with online webcam performers.  AEBN representative said that he expects adult stores to be selling the RealTouch by the end of this month.  The world’ first virtual sex device is also going to be showcased next week at the International Lingerie Show in New York.

The Erotic Engine : How Porn Powers Innovation

The Erotic Engine

Porn doesn’t get the credit it deserves for pushing technological innovation, according to a highly interesting new book by Patchen Barss.  Actually, although there is no doubt porn does deserve credit for it’s role in innovation, the fact that it has done so has almost become a cultural meme in the last year or so, in relation to debate on 3D TVs and the continual claims that 3D porn could be the engine that drives it into mass acceptance.

It’s still welcome, though, to have this constructive role that porn has played spelled out in a lengthy, structured, and researched way.  I haven’t read the book yet, but ‘The Erotic Engine’ has already garnered some mainstream press interest, generally positive – leaving aside inevitable judgemental moral tones.

Barss takes the view that the current ‘porn recession’, with the adult industry dying on it’s feet through piracy and amateur content, will simply stimulate further innovation.  He points to the developments in teledildonics as the obvious example of this.  Hopefully he’s right, and the recent problems with (and the disappearance of ) the RealTouch are no more than teething troubles.

Porn’s Recession Boosts Web Innovation : The Erotic Engine (Patchen Barss) – How Pornography has Powered Everything from Gutenberg to Google

Mojowijo – Teledildonics for your Nintendo Wii

MojowijoA Nintendo Wii accessory that promises to bring teledildonics to the masses is currently in beta testing.  The Mojowijo device only needs a Wii remote controller to work via bluetooth, sending the vibration signals to another Wii device (the Mojowijo vibrator or ‘Wiibrator’) in the same room or across the internet via skype.

This wont be the first teledildonics virtual sex toy on the market – a couple of others have appeared over the last years, with not a great deal of success.  In fact, you could argue that this isn’t much different to the growing number of remote vibrating love eggs and vibrators currently on sale to couples.  The Mojowijo is highly promising, however, in that it makes use of such a popular medium (the Wii) and could become a kind of teledildonics ‘standard’ – possibly being picked up on by adult chat sites and webcam performers. Perhaps AEBN could allow a Mojowijo Wii accessory for their RealTouch device?

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