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All the talk is of 3D…Porn!

Breanne Benson

Breanne Benson

The Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) that just took place in Las Vegas is always timed to run concurrently with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and never before have the two appeared so united in pushing new technology.  Whilst the likes of Sony and Panasonic were hyping up the necessity of every American having one of their 3D tvs in the lounge, the best reason of all for splashing out on a new upgrade was being promoted at the AEE – 3D Porn!

‘Bad girls in 3D’ is an American company that is offering the complete 3D home package – stereoscopic glasses, a 60″ Mitubishi 3D television and a small PC that connects to the web, and with a monthly subscription, will beam the world’s first streaming 3D channel and with it, non-stop porn into your living room.

The subscription to the channel costs $19.95 but producer Lance Johnson told reporters that his company plans to sell stand alone 3d Porn DVDs once sufficient numbers of households had bought 3D televisions – hopefully by the end of this year.

Stereoscopic porn has a surprisingly long history with the first 3D porn movie grossing an incredible (for the time) $27 million when it was released in 1969. But somewhat strangely, an adult industry that is almost dying on its feet has been rather slow to embrace the technology.  With the success of Avatar and companies like Sony investing hugely in the belief that we will all embrace 3D, it surely won’t be long before the porn world climbs upon the bandwagon in greater numbers. Meanwhile, experienced porn actress Breanne Benson was said to be ‘nervous but excited’ at the prospect of becoming the first 3D pornstar of the 21st century.

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