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Three More Digital Beauties

Digital Beauty ChristinaThree more digital beauties added to Virtual Girls. As digital art continues to gain astonishing realism and beauty, the time must be approaching when it begins to outpace the real thing – if it hasn’t already, judging by the pictures below.  In relation to erotica and virtual sex, it’s unlikely that digital art, no matter how realistic, will completely, or even largely, replace real human models.  In itself, digital art still lacks the psychological element that a real human possesses.  However, digital art will continue to play an increasingly dominant role in virtual sex between two people (example : Second Life).  In fact, there will likely come a time when virtual sex is commonly preferred to the real thing, and if not creating entirely fictitious ‘avatars’ of themselves, lovers could use digital technology to airbrush out a few imperfections.  The combination of Digital art and virtual sex will, for example, allow you to always fuck your partner as she looked as a young sweetheart or the age when you first met and fell in love with her.

Classical Digital Beauty

Never After

Christiana Digital Art

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